Xcel Competitive Team

Is your child passionate about gymnastics?
Do they like to perform?
Do they want to train more and take their gymnastics to the next level?
Xcel Competition team may be for them.

What is USA Gymnastics XCEL Competitive Program?

Flip 2 It's Xcel Program is fantastic for kids who want to compete and continue improving their gymnastics abilities but can't commit to being in the gym every day. It provides a flexible and inclusive approach to skill development and competition. Tailored to individual abilities, it allows gymnasts to progress at their own pace, fostering a positive learning experience. The program emphasizes well-rounded skill acquisition, promoting both physical and mental growth. Its adaptability ensures that children of varying skill levels can participate and enjoy the journey of gymnastics in a supportive environment.
We offer: pre-team programs as well as competitive levels, Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum. Our season commitment is for 1 year, May to May. Competitions start in December through May.

It's time to sign up 2024-2025 Season. Information below. Hope to see you at tryouts.  

Register to Tryout for 2025 Season
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