Xcel Competitive Team

Does your child love gymnastics & performing? Xcel may be for them.

What is USA Gymnastics XCEL Competitive Program?

Flip 2 It's Xcel Program is fantastic for kids who want to compete and continue improving their gymnastics abilities but can't commit to being in the gym every day. It provides a flexible and inclusive approach to skill development and competition. Tailored to individual abilities, it allows gymnasts to progress at their own pace, fostering a positive learning experience. The program emphasizes well-rounded skill acquisition, promoting both physical and mental growth. Its adaptability ensures that children of varying skill levels can participate and enjoy the journey of gymnastics in a supportive environment.
We offer: pre-team programs as well as competitive levels, Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum. Our season commitment is for 1 year, May to May. Competitions start in December through May.

It's time to sign up 2024-2025 Season. Email below for more details about joining our Xcel team. 

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