6 Ways Ninja Sport is Whole Body Training

Published On: 
October 19, 2023

🧬 The Science Behind Kids In Ninja Sport 🥷🏼

Parents are looking for more than just watching their kid chase a ball, because where is the ‘overcoming obstacles’ in that? It’s no secret sports like NinjaZone, gymnastics, dance, and yoga are proven winners in the kids sports and activities game for whole body training. But why? The answer is multifaceted and can seem complex, but we’ve got it, baby!

Let’s break it down to SIX key scientific principles.

1. Physical Development (well, duh!)

2. Cognitive Development (we like big brains and we cannot lie)

3. Psychological Benefits (we’re awesome & we know it)

4. Biomechanics (woah, that’s a big word…)

5. Neuroplasticity (ope…so is that one)

6. Social Interaction (did we just become best friends?!)

We encourage you to share the full blog article below with your community on the benefits Ninja can have on our kids—not just in sports, but in life!

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